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Chemistry PreLab Qs [1/6/12] – All Answers

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Chemistry PreLab Qs [1/6/12] – All Answers

Post by Amy on Fri Jan 06, 2012 7:12 pm

Hey, it's Amy again just posting the answers to these questions! I know they must be troublesome to answer, having to resort to Google and what not...but why do that when they're all listed right in front of you? Always remember, when help is needed just ask!

1) Formulas and Parts
Chemical Name
Chemical Formula
Corresponding Parts
A, G
Copper(II) chloride
D, E
Copper(II) hydroxide
Cu(OH)2B, C
Copper(II) nitrate
Cu(NO3)2A, B
Copper(II) oxide
C, D
Copper(II) phosphate
Cu3(PO4)2E, F
Copper(II) sulfate
Hydrochloric acid
D, E
Nitric acid
Sodium hydroxide
B, E
Sodium phosphate
Sulfiric acid

2a) A reagent is a reactant in a chemical experiment.
2b) Decantation is transferring something by pouring.
2c) Filtration is process of filtering.
2d) Precipitate is the solid formed in a liquid solution.
2e) A filtrate is a fluid that passes through a filter.
2f) Supernatant liquid is a clear liquid above a precipitate.

3) The M stands for mole, which is the concentration of the substance.
4) Chemical resistant apron, gloves and chemical splash goggles.
5) NO2 is evolved in Part A, reaction A must be done under a fume hood.
6) You can tell if precipitation occured by checking if a solid or a cloudy/murky substance has formed. Observe accordingly.
7) Begin proper filtration.
8a) The filtrate may be blue due to some of the copper existing in the filtrate.
8b) Do not discard the filtrate as some of the copper may exist inside of it.
8c) If the filtrate is discarded, the covered copper will be reduced.
8d) Blue filtrate could be avoided by properly filtering!

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Re: Chemistry PreLab Qs [1/6/12] – All Answers

Post by Link ATK on Sat Jan 07, 2012 6:28 pm

Muchos gracias

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