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Chemistry HW -- Moles to Moles

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Chemistry HW -- Moles to Moles

Post by Amy on Wed Jan 25, 2012 7:11 pm

Okay so you got the Moles to Moles worksheet and you gotta work on it. Guidelines are as follows:

1) Balance the equation. NaOH -> etc, numbers and so on.
2) When looking for moles, look for COEFFICIENTS, nothing more. 2NaOH means two moles of NaOH.
3) When converting, assume this:
......a) Chemical 1 with coefficient X and chemical 2 with coefficient Y. If you have A moles of chemical X and are trying to convert to moles of chemical Y, the equation looks like:
A moles * Y/X = B moles of chemical Y.
Similarly, if given B moles of chemical Y and trying to convert to chemical X, equation looks like:
B moles * X/Y = A moles of chemical X.

That's about al for now

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