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The Rules v0.5 Empty The Rules v0.5

Post by Link ATK on Tue Dec 06, 2011 1:17 am

Behavior on the forum

  • Please, be patient.
    It's useless to bump your topic every 2 minutes. Every member of this
    forum has a private life, so they can't always respond immediately
  • You must respect the moderators and administrators. They all work voluntarily on this forum and they are human, not machines! Seriously, think about the work we have to put in!
  • Do not moderate other members.
    Meaning, do not try to send PMs that involve warnings; that kind of
    work is reserved for [supra] Moderators and Administrators. While it's kind to try to keep the community in check, just know it isn't your place.


  • Warnings
    on this forum will be given through PM, by a mod or Admin. No
    exceptions. If you receive more than 3 warnings, you'll get a temporary
    suspension, regardless of the weight. 2 more warnings, and it's a
    permanent ban unless you can somehow sway the admin/mod to restore your
    account. No exceptions.
2)Respect others to gain respect: Greet new members well,
show them the ropes, and in turn for that, you could get a treat, either
an advancement in rank, or anything else like that!

3)You may
make up to TWO different accounts. The reason why we allow this is
forgetfulness, but if we catch multiple users of the same email address
(IP doesn't really matter, you could have any number of family members
who like this site Wink
), you could have all of your users banned/removed from the site, and
your email address will be banned. Some members have special cases, and
in that case, PM me.

4)If you take information from a game, give the owner of the game due credit, and cite your source as well. It goes like this:

Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time​ (ゼルダの伝説 時のオカリナ, Zeruda no Densetsu
Toki no Okarina?) is an action-adventure video game developed by
Nintendo's Entertainment Analysis and Development division for the
Nintendo 64 video game console. It was released in Japan on November 21,
1998; in North America on November 23, 1998; and in Europe on December
11, 1998. Originally developed for the Nintendo 64DD peripheral, the
game was instead released on a 256-megabit cartridge, which was the
largest-capacity cartridge Nintendo produced at that time.

Disclaimer: Nintendo owns the Zelda series, and the above information was taken from Wikipedia . We have no affiliation with Nintendo or Wikipedia, except we are fans of their works.

6)If you post a video, give the due credits to the owner of the video.
Don't take peoples work and say that it is your own unless you are THAT
person. Doing that kind of stuff is really dumb, and doing so without giving credits will get you banned. No excuses.


is allowed, except in some areas where you may have to type a long
excerpt from a book, or maybe making a fanfic. Of course, that is where
either triple to N-posting is allowed, or in the case of chapters, just
make separate topics and we will have them stickied if that is what you

9)Speak in a manner that people can understand. Try to veer
away from posting like "Hay! Wat is dat game about?!!? I luv u alotz.",
because we want to have a community that is both great in its own way,
and that isn't filled to the top with "Contaminants". Keep your
sentences neat and structured, and always have good grammar. It doesn't
have to be absolutely stiff like this sentence is, but keep good ties
with grammar if at all possible.

10)Stay ON-TOPIC! Don't start posting Mario stuff
in the Zelda series, except for some topics that have to do with
"Secrets"! It is necessary to stay on topic, you don't want to have
someone look at you and think "Wow, that kid is broken!", or anything
like that.

11)"Backseat-Moderating" may or may not increase your
chances of actually becoming a moderator. If we see you abusing this
little feature, you will definitely be banned. Leave moderating to the
moderators, don't try to point out that "There is already a thread like
this" or anything like that, because it isn't your job. Let a moderator or
admin know about it and we shall take care of it.

Last edited by Link ATK on Tue Dec 06, 2011 9:41 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : minor editing, nothing big.)
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